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Steven Hoeke has built a reputation as someone  whose reliability and knowledge of the local market leads to exquisite customer service and a stress-free real estate transaction. He contributes his success to his passion for homes, intuition regarding the psychology of buying & selling, and a track record in delivering both results & enjoyable experience.

Steve believes in the possibility. No matter the challenge, he will go the extra mile to handle all the hassles and logistics involved. This includes helping buyers to fix credit so as to qualify for a home and also assisting sellers with broken homes that need flipping. 

Not only are his tactics distinct, but they have been shaped by an Associate Degree in Real Estate that he attained.

As a Marine Corps veteran and a certified military residential specialist, Steve understands the challenges of relocating and attaining a scenario that suits your needs.

That is why he is focused on helping others achieve their real estate goals fasters. He is tech-savvy with marketing skills that enable him to reach a wider market of both buyers and sellers.

Having lived in Texas for over 25 years, he has gained great familiarity with the local area and has been a local realtor for years. Out of real estate, Steve loves meditating, reading, weight lifting, and spending time with his family.

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Steven Hoeke has built a reputation as someone  whose reliability and knowledge of the...

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