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Fastest Way to Sell House As is For Cash

sell house as is for cash
sell house as is for cash

Why would you need to sell house as is for cash?

As a homeowner, you are likely to begin brainstorming on some of the ways to sell a home. One of the ways of achieving this is by sell house as is for cash. The cash received is supposed to help clear the debt and maybe help out in starting a new life in a new house.

At House Buyers Texas we always ensure that we enable you to sell house as is for cash. We have simple steps to ensure that the process is quick and flawless. Your satisfaction is our joy. Here are some of the reasons why you need to make the property sale fast:

Why House Buyers Texas?

As Texas cash home buyers, we always pay for our houses in cash. We understand that times can get hard. We therefore pay you in cash to enable you cater for the debts and financial crisis.

When you sell house as is for cash, you can also help you start life in a new environment and house. Your needs are our priority. We do not delay with the cash payment either. We often conclude the transaction immediately you accept our offer on the house.

It is paramount that you move on with life even after a financial crisis. 

Why do you need to make quick, stress-free sale of house

You can be forced to sell your house due to a number of pressing reasons. These reasons are all valid to us and we respect you for making the decision to sell your property:

  • Inability to service or pay mortgage as expected
  • Looming house foreclosure
  • To avoid the frustrating legal process
  • Estate sale 
  • Probate
  • Overwhelming need of repairs

Why Sell House As Is For Cash?

You might be wondering why we accept your house as-is. Our policy is always to ensure our clients are as comfortable as possible. There are times when it’s impossible to repair, renovate or even de-clutter your house before sale.

Financial circumstances can force you to sell the property as it is to avoid further financial stress that comes with impending foreclosure making it impossible to repair or renovate your house before selling.

We therefore buy it from you in the present condition, hence lifting the financial burden off of your shoulders. It is our responsibility to make the transaction as quick as possible, given that legal processes such as foreclosure do not give you the luxury to sell the property leisurely.

What makes House Buyers Texas different from the rest?

*Our offer is competitive according to the market trend

We always give you an attractive offer depending with the current market. Our prices are highly competitive and if compared to the current market trends, it is always the best!

*We understand

It is based on our care and concern for your well-being that we choose to buy your property as-is in cash. We do not like to see clients suffer in financial crisis. This is our motivation at all times.

*We are trusted and recommended by many

Having been in the industry for years, we are trusted to deliver the best. Previous sellers were highly satisficed with the purchase of their property. We are a brand that speaks for itself.  We do everything professionally, resulting in efficiency and trust after we deliver our promises.

*Simple and easy

The selling process is simple and it’s quite easy to understand. You don’t need to go through piles of paper work with us. We have a few forms that we can complete online.

If you accept our offer we proceed to with the underwriting process through a local title company. It is a win-win situation for us at all times.

*Vast experience

As realtors, we have gathered years of experience in the field. We know exactly what to do when to ensure your satisfaction. Your opinions are highly valued. We ensure that we deliver our services within the stipulated time. 

*Qualified professionals

As earlier stated, we are a team of professionals, highly skilled in realtor business. We know how to get our work done to perfection. Our  You can trust us to deliver a solid cash offer for your home.


We do not force our options down your throats. But rather we are flexible to negotiate with you and come to an amicable agreement. We love to see you happy and satisfied. We always consider investing in your property rather than just selling.

Sell House As Is For Cash Conclusion

It is clear that House Buyers Texas provides the fastest way to sell a House as is for cash. We pride ourselves in ensuring transparency, flexibility and understanding to all sellers.

We always encourage you to hold onto hope even during tough financial times because we got your back! Nothing can go wrong if we team up and work together.

Let us buy your house as-is for cash and help save you from foreclosure and loss of your valued property. 

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By Steven Hoeke

Steve Hoeke is a Galveston county native of over 25 years, & was raised on Galveston island. After graduating high school, he started working at Galveston county's sheriff's department, where he was employed for 3 years. Shortly after, he joined the United States Marine Corps in 2009. He has served in Operation Enduring Freedom 2011, where he received multiple high achievement awards in the superior performance of his duties, such as the Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medal, & a Combat Action Ribbon, just to name a couple. Later, Steve graduated with an associate's degree in Real Estate from San Jacinto college. At the same time, he founded, & operates a successful credit repair business, Optimum Credit Solutions. Steve is a residential & commercial real estate agent, who understand the area, & prides himself in successfully assisting clients with their credit, & real estate needs!

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